SIC #7- The Strength of Morse Taper Connection in SICvantage Implants


Dental implants have revolutionized dental care, offering a reliable solution for missing teeth. Among the various types of implant connections, the Morse taper connection stands out due to its unique ability to enhance implant stability over time. This blog post explores how SICvantage implants, featuring the Morse taper connection, become stronger after chewing cycles, setting them apart from traditional implants.



The Morse Taper Connection Explained

The Morse taper connection is characterized by its conical shape, which provides a tight seal between the implant and the abutment. This design minimizes micro-movements and microgaps, leading to a more stable and durable implant connection. The self-locking mechanism of the Morse taper ensures that the connection becomes more secure as forces are applied during chewing.



Strengthening Over Time

A study comparing the microgap ranges in different implant connections revealed that the Morse taper connection exhibits a unique ability to decrease in microgap size after chewing simulation. Initially, the conical connection group displayed a microgap range between 0.26 µm and 0.52 µm, which decreased to 0.11 µm–0.26 µm after the simulation. This reduction in microgap indicates that the Morse taper connection in SICvantage implants becomes stronger and more stable over time, enhancing the overall longevity and reliability of the implant.


The Impact of Dynamic Loading

Dynamic loading, such as chewing, can impact implant stability. In the study, both the Morse taper and butt-joint connections showed some intrusion of the titanium abutment towards the implant shoulder after dynamic loading. However, the intrusion was significantly less in the Morse taper connection (mean 18 µm) compared to the butt-joint connection (mean 115 µm). This demonstrates that SICvantage implants with Morse taper connections are better equipped to handle the stresses of daily use, providing patients with a more secure and long-lasting dental solution.


SICvantage implants, featuring the Morse taper connection, offer a superior solution for dental implants by becoming stronger and more stable over time. This unique characteristic sets them apart from traditional implants, ensuring better outcomes for patients. For those seeking reliable and durable dental implants, SICvantage is the clear choice.

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