SIC #8- Why SICvantage Implants Are the Future of Dental Implants


Choosing the right dental implant is crucial for ensuring long-term oral health and functionality. SICvantage implants, with their innovative Morse taper connection, provide an exceptional solution that gets stronger with use. This blog post delves into the benefits of the Morse taper connection and why SICvantage implants are the future of dental implants.

Understanding the Morse Taper Connection

The Morse taper connection, used in SICvantage implants, involves a conical connection that tightly secures the implant and abutment. This design minimizes gaps and movement, creating a stable and durable implant. Unlike traditional connections, the Morse taper connection becomes more secure with repeated use, making it an ideal choice for dental implants.

Enhanced Stability Over Time

Research indicates that the Morse taper connection significantly reduces microgaps after chewing simulation. Initially, the conical connection group exhibited a microgap range between 0.26 µm and 0.52 µm. After the chewing simulation, this range decreased to 0.11 µm–0.26 µm. This reduction signifies that SICvantage implants become more stable and secure over time, unlike traditional implants that may loosen with use.


Superior Performance Under Dynamic Loading

Dynamic loading, such as chewing, can impact the performance of dental implants. In a study, both Morse taper and butt-joint connections showed some intrusion of the titanium abutment towards the implant shoulder after dynamic loading. However, the Morse taper connection had significantly less intrusion (mean 18 µm) compared to the butt-joint connection (mean 115 µm). This demonstrates the superior performance of SICvantage implants under real-life conditions, providing patients with a more reliable solution.




Long-Term Benefits for Patients

SICvantage implants, with their Morse taper connection, offer long-term benefits for patients. The enhanced stability and strength over time mean fewer complications and longer-lasting results. Patients can enjoy the confidence of a secure dental implant that withstands the test of time and daily use.


The Morse taper connection in SICvantage implants represents a significant advancement in dental implant technology. By becoming stronger and more stable with use, these implants provide a reliable and long-lasting solution for patients. For those seeking the best in dental implants, SICvantage offers an unmatched combination of innovation and performance.

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