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Ray Medical is actually a leading manufacturer of digital X-ray imaging systems for dental professionals. Their products include digital intraoral sensors, X-ray generators, imaging software, and other related products that are designed to provide high-quality diagnostic imaging for dental practices.

As a certified Ray Medical supplier in Australia, MG Implant offers a wide range of Ray Medical products to help dental professionals improve their diagnostic capabilities and provide optimal patient care. Our team of experts can provide guidance and advice on the selection and use of Ray Medical products, as well as provide ongoing support for maintenance and repairs.

Unveiling the science behind the beauty of face-driven dentistry

RAY’s advanced technology prioritizes each patient’s unique smile over standard practices to deliver outstanding value and results each time.

Create a brighter, more radiant future, one smile at a time.


High-performing 4 in 1 Cone beam CT system provides essential functions for diagnosis and treatment.

Panoramic • Cephalometric • 3D CBCT • 3D CT impression RAYSCAN α+ integrates the latest digital technologies while maintaining outstanding performance. It reconstructs 3D scan data in 4 seconds after scanning in 4.9


4.9 Seconds


3D Reconstruction

4.0 Seconds



1.0 Seconds


= 9.9 Seconds Total


Digitalize your intraoral examination with RIOSensor. Streamline workflow with high-resolution digital images.

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