SICvantage tapered

SICvantage overview

Zero micromovement

SICvantage implant’s Morse taper connection ensures near-zero micromovement and minimal microgap for a secure implant-abutment connection.


Morse-Cone (named after Stephan Morse) Cone angle: 2° – 3° Self-retention, inclination for cold welding Large tension path

Regular conical connection

Cone angle (8°) – 30° : No precise self-locking Medium tension path

Why Morse taper connection?

➤ A flat cone angle (< 8°) leads to a self-locking, elastic deformed
connection, free of play.
➤ A shallow angle (> 30°) leads to a friction-locked connection
without self-locking. A shallow angle reduces the abutment‘s
support and increases micro movement.

  • Minimized micromovement,
  • Minimized microgap = 0.11 – 0.26 μm 
  • Minimized bacterial micro-leakage
  • Self-locking
  • preventing Peri-implantitis

“”The Morse taper connection: stability, security, longevity—defining dental excellence.””

Swiss Cross™

➤ 4 groove Index
➤ = 4 parallel walled Notches
➤ Height of the index = 1,0 mm
➤ Easy mounting of abutment into the implant

SIC Matrix surface

The microstructure and degree of purity of the “SICmatrix” SIC surface ensure secure and lasting osseointegration.